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Your resource for honest advice and realness for your journey from life as a pre-med to residency.

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Hello! My name is Michaele Garrison and I am the host of Dear DO podcast. I am a current 4th year osteopathic medical student applying to neurology residency. My journey to medical school was chaotic to say the least, as it lacked structure as well as mentorship. When I looked online at other people’s experiences, I felt inadequate and lost. In a world of instagram-worthy medical content, it’s easy to feel subpar. Through my podcast, I hope those pursuing medicine will feel more seen and have the mentorship I wish I had.

Money and Medicine

So you don’t have $400,000 in your bank account to pay for all your medical school expenses. What now?

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Medical School Application Checklist

Breaking down the medical school application into this simple checklist.

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Residency Application Checklist and Timeline

Application tips! Plus a timeline to hopefully diminish some of the stress accompanied by residency applications.

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